Sustainable Living Inc.

Mission Statement

We feel that only by changing minds - showing people a different way to think of their relationship with the world - can we then change our society, and offset our impact on the rest of the world. To address this challenge, ecoFredericton is designing a comprehensive model of education, networking, production, and more, which will be based in our sustainable living centre at the edge of the city.

ecoFredericton represents a way of integrating the world's oldest ethical, spiritual and socioeconomic philosophies with leading theories on education, organization, communication and industry. Our inspirations are drawn from sustainable social organizations throughout history - including those of our non-human relatives - and the latest applications of social entrepreneurship and social venture capital. Our contributors have shown exemplary creativity, dedication and understanding in the pursuit of social justice, civil rights, environmental protection, food security, and alternative energy, to name just a few causes. It is upon these social and productive principles that future communities must be founded to ensure their resilience and self-sufficiency.

To date, ecoFredericton has made presentations on homeschooling and alternative education, hosted and helped organize local art+music festivals, worked with major local charities on various projects, been interviewed about our initiatives by local and national media, and most recently, begun work on establishing our demonstration and training centre for co-operative living, permaculture, and sustainable principles. We have worked with many local companies and organizations, including local government, to establish a network of skill and resource sharing that promises to reduce our city's dependence on fluctuating global factors.

The next step is up to you. It is only through sharing and participating in our community that we can benefit from each other's experiences, insights and talents. 

Please ‘help us to help you’ by sharing your vision of a sustainable future.